Why You Won’t Go Wrong with Champagne Weddings

Why You Won’t Go Wrong with Champagne Weddings

What your wedding is going to look will largely depend on what you like. If you’re an out there individual, you’d probably want bold and vibrant colors for your wedding. When you’re reserved, you’d want colors that are soft but definitely not boring. When you’re the latter, one wedding motif you should definitely consider is CHAMPAGNE!

What’s Champagne?

Is that even a color or a drink? It’s not so much of a drink, but rather a color inspired by that sparkling drink you so often hold in your hands on special occasions. It’s NOT gold like what others would have you believe. So don’t worry about using this color and having to look like you’re already celebrating your golden anniversary.

What’s to Love About Champagne?

It’s soft…

The color doesn’t necessarily stand out but it stands out enough. It gives just the right emphasis to whatever you lay it on, be it the table or be it your bridesmaids.

It’s neutral…

Champagne borders on the neutral so anything can go with it. You can choose white, gold, or any other bolder color and you still won’t go wrong.

It’s light…

And because it’s light, it’s perfect for daylight weddings. When you’ve scheduled your wedding for the morning brunch or the noonday lunch, this color is perfect.

It’s simple…

Its simplicity makes it beautiful. This means that you don’t have to play up your décor or the dresses because it already looks good with a little embellishment. This means more savings for you and your groom.

 Where Can You Use Champagne?

For Your Entrance

The balloons are reminiscent of the fizz that are a signature to champagne drinks. Imagine your guest going through these in the foyer. Or, you going through it before touching down on the aisle.

On Your Bridesmaids

This color against your white wedding gown is a divine combination!

On Your Cake

… And your dessert buffet table!

On Your Favors!

The simple color strikes a contrast to the great gift waiting inside!

Your Centerpieces!

Who said only flowers will do? This centrepiece, with a little imagination, can cost a lot less than floral arrangements and guests can drink from them, too!

 There are just so many things you can do with champagne. The best thing about it is that the color is not to feminine for your groom. Once he sees that color, he’ll be totally okay with it as it doesn’t take away his masculinity, and that’s for certain!

It’s great enough for old guests and playful enough for young guests. So, when someone says you can’t go wrong with a champagne wedding, they know what they’re talking about.
Now that you’re planning for your own wedding, think about the champagne motif. Start researching about other colors you can use to combine with it and make it your own unique wedding. Remember, it’s never too early to start planning for a wedding. You’ll be grateful you started early once you reach the final months before you have to walk down the aisle.

Happy planning!

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