Wolfcraft Router Table: Wolfcraft 6113404 vs 6146404-404

Wolfcraft Router Table: Wolfcraft 6113404 vs 6146404-404

Wolfcraft 6113404 Router Table

Wolfcraft 6113404 Router TableWolfcraft 6113404 Router Table is advanced and pretty easy to use. It features bottom-accessible outlets that are compatible with router as well as shop vacuum plugs to run both simultaneously. It has laminated MDF tabletop that offers an even, clean routing area and it comes with greater stability, and it gets rid of vibration as well. It features standard router adapting plate that is compatible with most popular routers. You also get tabletop measuring guides including scales. Wolfcraft 6113404 is a heavy duty router table for routing even larger stocks. Read more…

Wolfcraft 6146404-404 Router Table 490

Wolfcraft 6146404-404 Router Table 490 comes with multi-position fence that perfectly adjusts for offset and closing up on the router bit. It features a clear miter guide aluminum T-channel that is good for smooth movement of the miter guide. It carries a universal router adapter plate that works with standard routers of 7-inch diameter. It features small responsive electrical button that provides access to a tool to control by the main switch. It comes with easy-to-access clamping position that facilitates greater safety to the router table without using screws. It comes with clear tabletop that is very easy to see from any direction. Further, it has multi-adjustable feather boards that work for securing the work-piece for safe and smooth routing. The table size is 18-inch by 31.5-inch by 3/4-inch. Read more…

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