Xara Web Designer MX Premium Review – Create Websites

Xara Web Designer MX Premium Review – Create Websites

Xara Web DesignerThe Xara Web Designer MX Premium is totally different from its classic versions as it has advanced web design and graphic features to meet your professional looking website creation needs. Using the free-hand and quick-shape drawing tools you can create any designing elements such as bevel, mould, 3D extrude and many others. The Xara MX Premium Website Creator also comes with advanced presentation features such as slide show, style web presentations for webinars or online meet-ups where you can show the project in an animated slide show that is very effective to make other members understand each feature of the project in details. The software is equipped with a large selection of animated effects and widgets that are very helpful to add additional content part of your website in sidebar or footer of the every web page.  The websites created with the Xara software are compatible with all standard browsers and they are W3C compliant supporting XHTML and CSS standards.

And you can use its file importing features to import almost all sorts of files such as .PDF, .RTF and image files such as .JPEG, .PNG and other file types such as SVG, ODP PPTX etc. More importantly, it comes with a great SEO feature that helps your websites optimize for major search engines as this is very crucial for any business to get search engine visitors as visitors from search engines are targeted visitors without any doubts. Read more…

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